Pain In Lower Left Abdomen. What is the cause?

The 14 most common diseases which cause pain in a left lower side of an abdomen are described in following...

Several organs found in the lower-left side of the intestine are the continuation of those found in the upper part of the intestine. However, some are also entirely different. Included in these are left ureter, the bottom edge of the bladder, sigmoid colon, the part of a bladder and colon, large nerves and blood vessels, and it, an ovary and associated fallopian tubes in women. For a short while, the pain in a lower left side of a stomach isn’t of any explanation for concern; however, persistent pain is something that someone shouldn’t ignore. There may be various causes of pain at the left lower abdomen; that some can also be linked or commence due to the upper part of the belly like a disease of rock from kidney, trapped gases, enlargement of an abdominal aorta, etc..

However, the causes of pain in the organs of the lower left side of the abdomen can be classified as benign, such as pain due to gas accumulation, as well as severe as infection. Abdominal pain in the lower left can also occur due to its relationship with all digestive tract problems. It causes extreme discomfort, stiffness, and pain sensitivity at the lower left stomach. People that are suffering from chronic or persistent pain need to consult a doctor.

The 14 most common diseases that cause pain in the lower-left half of the abdomen are described below:


It’s one of the most frequent causes of severe pain in the left lower portion of the abdomen. This issue happens when diverticula in an intestinal wall got infected and became inflamed. It usually forms in the weak parts of a large intestine called the colon. In the first stage, most of the individuals have no symptoms; therefore, a person might likely remain undetected from diverticulosis disorder for years. But with time, it might cause severe inflammation and infection. It can happen in roughly twenty percent of all cases. The majority of the people just come to understand from a physician about the presence of diverticulosis. Sometimes diverticulosis can also become painful even without inflammation, but it happens in rare cases when someone entails in this disorder has an irritable bowel. Its other symptoms include nausea, nausea, without fever.

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In the majority of the cases, diverticulosis causes widespread pain, which increases slowly and later confines in the left lower part of their abdomen. Sometimes it also presents swelling, fever and also changes in the appearance of excrement. At times the quantity of stool diminishes and becomes infrequent. In several cases, this occurs due to the damage generated by peritonitis in the colon. Diverticulosis can present in adults, but mostly older people develop this disorder because they have more tendencies towards tearing or swelling of an organ because of their ages. The additional indicators or symptoms of infections might incorporate a stomach pain on the lower-left portion, flatulence, fever, constipation or nausea, vomiting, and poor appetite. This annoyance has a propensity to increase when an individual eats food.
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